Exfoliating serum

The outer layer of the skin is exposed to harsh environment and rejuvenates itself quite often. This frequently results in a layer of dead skin cells at the surface, making the skin look dull and grey.  This post gives a recipe on a home made concentrated (40% - 2%) AHA-based (alpha hydroxy acid) serum and... Continue Reading →

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Coconut detergent – soap bar

This recipe will give you a soap bar with very high cleansing properties. It is highly suitable as a household detergent such as washing the bench, clothes and dishes. It should not be used as a daily soap for washing your skin, as it might make your skin dry. This recipe gives approximately 700g soap... Continue Reading →

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Soap recipes for beginners (easy)

Preparations and safety  If this is the first time you make soap, follow the instructions and measurements of the recipe carefully. With experience you may improvise. If you would like to change an oil of the recipe, it must be calculated in a soap calculator to avoid wrong lye to oil ratio, which may create... Continue Reading →

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Dishwasher detergent

Oppvaskmaskinmiddel Er du av typen som skyller og vasker godt av kopper og kar, før du har det i maskinen? Da holder det med å lage oppvaskmiddel kun av såpenøtter: 1 dl. vann og 3 såpenøtter legges i vann i 1 døgn. Ta bort såpenøttene, og bruk som oppvaskmiddel.   Er du som meg, som... Continue Reading →

Washing clothes

If you would like to wash your clothes without excessive perfumes, environmental toxins and a multitude of unknown chemicals. It is possible to make your own washing detergent to use in the washing machine. All ingredients can normally be bought at the supermarket or in online shops. You may use this powder just the same... Continue Reading →

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